Year 13 Revision Plans

I normally don’t structure my student’s revision much, however this year some of my students asked if I could provide them with guidance on what topics to revise in a given week.

Because of this I have written a revision plan, an excerpt of which is shown below.

Screenshot 2019-03-31 23.13.35

If this will be useful for your students too download it here.

I have also done one for Further Maths. As this is more bespoke and tied to our options (Statistics and Mechanics) for AQA I haven’t uploaded it – if anyone would like it as well please get in touch.


Damped SHM

A very quick post early this morning to share a card sort I made for damped simple harmonic motion as a fellow twitter user has requested it.

I made this about a month ago, but like everything I need to get better at sharing things in a timely fashion…

I enjoyed teaching the damped simple harmonic motion content as it is much more realistic than the idealised SHM equations. It also provided good practice of modelling, solving ODEs, using ICs, sketching graphs and interpreting graphs / solutions in context.

Screenshot 2019-03-25 00.09.19

Each set should contain an equation, a solution, a solution plot and some conditions.

I hope it’s useful – download here.


Year 13 Exam Question-a-Day

This is going to be the first of a few posts this week, finally sharing things that I should have shared since the beginning of the year. Many of them are things that I think will be helpful for A-Level revision.

The first is the Exam Question A Day booklet I have put together for my Year 13 classes. I am really pushing the “do a bit of maths every day” mantra this year, and for some it seems to be having a positive impact 🙂

Every question in this is taken from the SAMs for AS or  A-Level Mathematics and so don’t use any of the questions contained in the practice paper sets that are kept secure by each of the exam boards, so secure mocks aren’t affected etc. I have used questions from each of the 4 boards – AQA, Edexcel, OCR, OCR (MEI) – as maths is just maths after all.

At the moment the file contains questions for February and March. The questions for April will be added by the end of this month – keep an eye out for the post about this.

The topics covered in the February and March questions are shown below:

Screenshot 2019-03-18 00.39.55

If you want to use this with your classes please feel free to download it from here.