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On this page I am going to gradually share the revision resources I have produce that target the advanced information for 2022. Of course they should be useful in later years too.

Many of you know that I had COVID earlier in the year and seem to have been strangely affected by it in terms of just how tired I am once I get in from school – consequently these are later than I had hoped, I’m sorry. I will add to this page as I publish resources and tweet when I do. The plan is a set of “practice” papers for AQA A-Level Maths and AQA A-Level Further Maths, a paper for OCR FSMQ and then some “Exam warmup” grids for use before the exams.

“Predicted Content Exam Papers”

Warmup Grids

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Hello, I was wondering if you had the exam solutions to this paper. Thankyou for putting it together it has been very useful however if there was a mark scheme available, would you be able to publish this or send it to me directly? Many thanks, Eden

I’ve written some solutions but I’ve missed a few questions as I’d like to also check the markscheme!

Thanks for all these. Further Maths 1 was fun to work through. Just a few corrections for the mark scheme:
8b – sign error in expanding brackets to find lambda. So lambda should be-1/7 and distance (root14)/7
10d penultimate line, imaginary part is 4/5 so solution is 27/5 + (36/5)i
12d question asks for speed, so should state positive value at the very end.
I also noted that q12 mentions modulus of elasticity, but I think that’s explicitly in the Mechanics option, not Pure. I think the pure mention of Hooke’s law just says T=kx

Hi Tom,
Thank you so much for sharing the 2022 Practice Papers you have created; it is really very generous of you!
For the A Level paper 1 v2, can you just clarify a couple of things for Q12. Do you mean 60 degrees between the sides of the triangle rather than tiles? And is the scale factor for the length of the triangles or is it an area scale factor? Just trying to visualise the problem.

Hi Vikki, no worries 😉 Sorry if that question isn’t clear – I should go back to it, I wasn’t particularly happy with it. I do mean 60 degrees between the two sides of length 4cm and it’s a length scale factor? I think the convention is for a scale factor to be given for the lengths unless otherwise stated.

Hi, please would you be able to let me know when you will post the solutions to the Further Maths Paper 2 as I am in need of the solutions? Thankyou

Hi Tom -will you be posting the solutions to A level paper 1 v 2 over the weekend too – sorry t harass you Fiona

Hi, our pure maths exam is this Tuesday and there still isn’t a mark scheme available for the second past paper. Is it possible for you to upload it soon?
Other than that, thank you so much for these resources they are extremely helpful!

Hi there I am having trouble finding the solutions for the A-level Maths Papers? The links labelled as solutions are actually the question papers?

No they aren’t. They are the solutions written in red pen. I’ve purposely not provided mark schemes (as I don’t believe you can do that without a cohort sitting the paper) and provided hand written solutions. Obviously there may be other legitimate methods to these.

Hi, thank you for your help in preparation for paper 1. Do you know when the papers for paper 2 will be out please?

Hi, Please could I check Further Maths paper 2 question 13a, should the second differential equation be dx/dt = 1.2x – 1.4y I think you have it as dx/dt = 1.4x – 1.2y.

Hi. You are right. I meant to change it on the paper as xx/dt =1-4x-1.2y gives nicer solutions to the auxiliary equation. Sorry.

Hi, do you have the paper 2 solutions as the exam is tomorrow! No worries if not, thanks so much for the resources!

Just realised my “tomorrow morning yesterday” comment makes absolutely no sense and isn’t what I intended to write. They are now up, I’m sorry for the delay.

There will be. I’m just making them vaguely presentable. Shall be up by 6 I hope.

Hi, they are now up. Sorry for the slight delay, I had intended to get them up earlier today.

I actually did better than I thought I had. Lots of silly mistakes for the most part. Misreading the question, misunderstanding etc. Thank you so much for the papers, the first ones helped so much with paper 1.

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for uploading these resources, they have helped me out massively so far with my exams and going into paper 2 tomorrow I’m feeling so much stronger for these papers. Cheers for giving them out to everybody for free you absolute legend

Hi there, thanks for the resources.

A Level Maths Paper 2
Question 10(a), should it be dy/dx = (1-4x) e^(-2x^2+x) ?

Many thanks once again.

I’m not sure but I think there is a mistake in the solutions for a level maths paper 2 Q6b I think it should be +x^2/24

Thank you so much again for all of these resources. They have been really helpful. Any plans for a paper 2 warm-up grid for tomorrow morning?

For 10)a), I got that there were no points of inflection as 2nd differential is (16x^2+8x+5)e^-2x^2+x, which has no solutions when set equal to zero. Is this correct?

I think the 2nd derivative is Exp[-2x^2+x](16x^2-8x-3) which has a quadratic which factorises.

Dear Tom – the predicted paper 2 really helped in this afternoons exam – will you be doing a paper 3 prediction
kind regards Fiona

Hi Tom, will the solutions for the further maths paper 3 be up before the exam tomorrow? Thanks for the resources

Hi, thanks so much for all the papers you’ve made so far. I was just wondering when you were planning on uploading the solutions to mechanics and discrete please?

Just wondering if you did a practice AS paper 2? Can’t see a link for it. No worries if not, am just looking for revision material for our mock exam!

Thank you so much for your papers, really have helped and so accurate to the papers.
Were you planning on uploading a Maths paper 3? If so what time/day please?
Thanks again!

Hi yes I am. Was hoping to have it up by this morning but I’m just not happy with the statistics questions I have written so far sadly. Will be up by the end of the day with solutions tomorrow morning.

Saying thank you for A Level paper 3 does not suffice. You truly are a ⭐️ I know it’s hard to exactly predict a paper but the exampro ones are so simple and don’t take into account all the points made in the advance information. You try to fit it to all the criteria they give. Thank you Tom you are excellent!

Hi, thank you so much for making these papers… they’re really helpful. I was just wondering if the solutions to paper 3 would be up by today?

Thank you again!

You’ve somehow managed to answer 6a incorrectly on your own paper 3? the answer you gave was not in terms of r and b, rather A and b.

Is question 19D correct as i got the Z value as -0.48 instead which got me an answer of 89.57. As well as this i got P = 0.77 for 18 C ii. Thanks for the paper was very helpful

It will depend on how you calculated sigma for part c. Part d you may be right as I am missing some negatives in my solution I think.

Just wanted to say how useful your question papers and warm up sheets have been. A fabulous resource. Than you so much.

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