East Midlands West Maths Hub GCSE – A-Level Maths Transition RIWG

I am one of the Work Group Leads (along with the great Vanessa Roper) for a new Research and Innovation Workgroup from the East Midlands West MathsHub. We are going to be looking any ways to improve students’ transition from GCSE to A-Level mathematics. There are some more details of this Work Group here:

As we want the work to be research informed, both from published sources and mini action research I am asking for your help…. We have two surveys – one teacher focussed and one student focussed. Please could you spare a few minutes to complete the teacher one and send the link to the student one to your students and encourage them to complete it.

Teacher Survey:

Student Survey:

Thanks a lot for your help with this!

Of course if you are based in the East Midlands it would be amazing if you could join us and take part – the first session is on the 2nd March.

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