Why don’t more people use WebEx?!

The rise of the Internet and the fact that these days you can get a reasonable mobile data connection almost anywhere mean that collaboration with other teachers (or people in general) that are miles from where you are is a very real possibility.In the past I have always used something like Skype for this purpose, but that really isn’t very suited to the job. Yesterday I had a web conference with Jasmina Lazic, my #mathsconf6 co-presenter. We will be meeting in person for the first time on that Saturday morning and so all of the preparation for the session and communication beforehand has been through emails. The Mathworks (the makers of MATLAB) must have a corporate contract for Cisco’s WebEx product, and for me a WebEx meeting was a revelation! 
Cisco’s WebEx  software enables sharing of files, sharing of screen etc which actually allows proper useful meetings to take place. I also couldn’t guarantee that the software would work on my school’s computers and so as a back up I installed the iPad WebEx app and I was very impressed with it. Using the app I joined the meeting smoothly, and you can even share files and screens from your iPad too which I didn’t expect to be able to do.  
If you have never used it before, I would encourage you to check it out. The free accounts allow you to host meeting containing up to 3 people.

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