Mathsconf 9 and Two A-Level Topics

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting on here much over the last few months. This is because I am co-editing the new Tarquin Group series of A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics textbooks. These books are being written completely from scratch for the new A-Level 2017 syllabus and I will share more of the philosophy behind these books over the next week.

Ed Hall, the other editor and I presented two topics from the A-Level course that have increased prominence in the new syllabus: Differentiation from First Principles and the Newton-Raphson Method.

The Prezi that we used is embedded below.

[prezi id=”” align=center width=600 lock_to_path=1]

As part of the workshop we discussed four Geogebra apps that will be embedded into the digital version of the textbook. Links to these are below:

Please let me know any of your thoughts and comments about the presentation and the Geogebra files.

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Diff from first principles extremely good news. Finally students won’t have to do a “trust me” for Dsinx = cosx etc 🙂

Would also like to see (formal) limits and continuity plus some discussion of “slightly” less friendly fns (e.g. unbounded, discontinuous – at points/everywhere – non-differentiable at a point etc)

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