12 Days of Christmas: Day 10 – Thirdsday

Sometimes being late with posting has it’s advantages!

Thursday 3rd January was deemed a day to celebrate the number 1/3. It was named Thirdsday by James Propp (@JimPropp) who has written a fascinating and very detailed post about why he thinks 1/3 deserves more recognition and some interesting facts about 1/3 here.

Since this post lots of cool things have been written on the theme of Thirdsday and Matt Parker (@standupmaths) has produced an excellent video:

Unfortunately being late to posting also has its drawbacks. I was going to talk about the classic geometric series

\( \frac{1}{4} + \frac{1}{16} + \frac{1}{64} + \frac{1}{256} +\cdots \)

which converges to a third. However the excellent Zoe Griffiths st Think Maths has already published a lovely classroom activity involving this.

Over at The Aperiodical they have rounded up some nice Thirdsday related posts.

I’ve put a reminder in my phone to spend some time preparing a more interesting post in time for the next Thirdsday – 3/1/30 Keep an eye out for that…

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