Substitution April

My students seem to like these, so the plan is to do one for each month of the year. The idea will be that Year 12c start with one in June and then do one a month up till their exams in Year 13. I have January, February and March to share (sorry I should have done this at the time) but for now here is April’s calendar. It is designed around the method of Integration by Substitution so for each day there is an integral to do.69F74F73-15A0-491D-B54A-31688A29948D

If you would like to send this file to your students you can download it here.

Answers will be uploaded in a few days when I have scanned them in.

UPDATE: solutions now available here.

UPDATE: A correction to my solution for Question 23 from Susan Whitehouse (@WhiteHughes9FE063BA-3EAA-479E-A0C8-9BC46674B8E5

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