Mechanics Sort of Mock

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My students have been asking for more practice papers for AQA Further Mathematics as there aren’t many..

I’ve ended up writing some of what I am calling “sort of mock” papers. I don’t pretend that they are completely true reflections of the real mock papers but I hope that they at least have the correct “flavour”.

The first one I have done is one for the mechanics option. I suspect they may be useful for other boards too but check it before using them.

If you want to use it the paper is here and mark scheme (more like my handwritten solutions!!) here.

3 replies on “Mechanics Sort of Mock”

Thanks for this.
Q2 – is the mass supposed to be 3kg ?
Q5 – this is very simple to answer using SUVAT – was that intentional ?

For Q2 – yes it is, I thought the one linked to had been updated – I guess not, I shall fix that.
For Q5 the intention was that they use energy considerations and not suvat. I’ve added that stipulation to the question. Thanks for pointing that out!
Thank you 🙂

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