This is a post mainly for me…. and a resource I wrote probably 5 years ago now.

I routinely want to use this resource and always have trouble finding it in my files so I hope that once it is up on here Google will be able to help me locate it in future!

As we all know when faced with a quadratic \(y = x^2+bx+c \) that has integer roots we can find the factors by looking for two numbers that multiply to give the value of \(c\) and add to give the value of \(b\). I often start this topic with getting students to complete a few of these kind of puzzles:

Screenshot 2019-05-30 05.45.32

I’m not sure where I saw this idea originally  – possibly Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) or Don Steward maybe.

Anyway if you fancy using my sheet with a lot of them download it here

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