A Level Teaching

A Normal Distribution Card Sort

Today I delivered my session on Core Maths which was part of my gap task for the NCETM Level 3 PD Lead course that I am doing. As part of the session we were looking at the normal distribution and the style of exam questions about this topic on the AQA Level 3 Mathematical Studies qualification assessments.

One of the teaching aids that the groups discussed was a card sort on the normal distribution, which is available on my website here and previewed below. Screenshot 2016-02-08 21.56.16

We talked about how to differentiate the activity (both up and down) and how to use it in relation with other teaching approaches etc.

Feel free to use it, some of the calculation cards do not necessarily show the clearest or most efficient method of working out the answer – this is because they are intended as discussion points.

Any comments gratefully received.