A VideoScribe Video

During the last week of the holiday I was inspired by some videos that Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) has produced (as seen in her great blog post on Behaviour Management) using the VideoScribe software to produce a Classroom Expectations video of my own to use.

VideoScribe is a piece of software that you can download to your Mac, PC or iPad to produce what it terms as “WhiteBoard Animations”. They have a 7 day trial licence available which is great for having an initial play. Aside from not liking some of the stylistic touches of the applications icons and having a few issues uploading my “scribe” to Youtube – it took three attempts, and the upload that did work took hours the software was incredibly easy to use. I was very impressed with the results it produced and in the future I would like to get Inkscape out of the closet to produce some .svg files and then use VideoScribe to produce some short animations about A-Level mathematics and other interesting mathematics. The monthly cost of a Pro subscription seems a bit steep at ¬£18 but they do say that you can stop and restart that subscription when you like, which is good as this is a tool that I don’t think I will have the time to use every month. Once you have gone pro you can also export your scribe as a QuickTime video which you can then upload to Youtube separately which I think will be less troublesome than using VideoScribe’s straight to Youtube.

I am looking forward to using this piece of software some more.

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