2015 – A Year of Blogging in Review

As a quick post for New Year’s Day I thought I would share my top 5 blog posts of the previous year.

  1. Maths Journal Club – The first post about #mathsjournalclub. Get involved in the next discussion on the 11th January for the ATM special edition chat, details are here.
  2. John Mason – Another ATM Session – Here I wrote about a fantastic morning that i spent in Leicester at the joint ATM/MA session led by John Mason. He presented some great ideas for use in the classroom, I was particularly interested in his ideas for developing mathematical thinking in those students with weak numeracy skills.
  3. Another MyMaths Post – This post proved very popular over a couple of nights in September as it detailed a particularly bad piece of content on a MyMaths lesson. To MyMaths’ credit, they then did change it within a day!
  4. Carnival of Mathematics 127 – In October I hosted the 127th Carnival of Mathematics that is organised by the Aperiodical. There are some really interesting links in this, so take a browse if you haven’t already.
  5. An A-Level Calculated Colouring – In the run up to Christmas I shared a resource for A-Level that I had created. All of last year my classes had been asking to do a calculated colouring so for the last lessons this term I produced an A-Level calculated colouring. This has been downloaded many times and I am very grateful to the people who pointed out slight mistakes.

Over the course of the year I have really enjoyed posting on this blog, and it looks like I have been fairly regular:Screenshot 2016-01-01 00.42.47

For the #summerblogchallenge I managed to post every day for 49 days which I am quite impressed with – I’m going to try and do this again next year. I am hoping to post more next year, and definitely share more resources which I haven’t been that good at doing this year.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts during the last year – it means a lot.


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