A “halfway-ish” Post

I’m a little over halfway with the @staffrm #29daysofwriting challenge

Yesterday I was puzzled to see lots of “Halfway” posts as to me a half of 29 is 14.5 and so surely if we only allow full days halfway would round to day 15… Anyway I liked the idea of answering some of the same questions as everyone else so here are my responses.

Why are you doing the challenge?

Why not?! I quite fancy a mug and last summer I was one of the people to complete the #summerblogchallenge (as was @missnorledge ) so 29 days seemed quite doable, especially with the 29 minute rule

Where and when do you post?

Generally at home once I have done Jessica’s (my daughter) bath and bedtime things.

What have you enjoyed the most about taking part?

I’ve enjoyed having something to motivate me to share ideas and my thoughts – sometimes it can be very hard to find time to do this after a busy day at work. I’ve also enjoyed reading lots of posts about a wide range of subjects that I wouldn’t have necessarily come across on Twitter without coming on staffrm.

What have you least enjoyed about taking part?

I’m not a fan of the simplistic editor provided by staffrm! I’m used to the more sophisticated  editor on my WordPress site where I can include LaTeX, code snippets, use lists etc. Later on in the challenge I may have to resort to handwriting some posts and having my staffrm post consist almost entirely of pictures, or have the staffrm post just provide a link to the post on my own website.

Have you picked up any ideas?

I wouldn’t say I have picked up any concrete ideas but many posts (especially ones by @missnorledge , @mrbenward , @towens , @becskar ) have been thought provoking and given me lots to think about.

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