FP1 Multiple Choice Revision Quizzes

Last year I experimented with multiple choice revision quizzes for my Year 12 further mathematics class in the half term before Easter.

I’m not teaching FP1 this year so thought I would make them available for anyone to use. The students seemed surprised at how long it took them to figure out some of the solutions. Each quiz has 5 questions, as shown below, with each question having a choice of 5 answers.

Screenshot 2016-02-16 17.07.48

All  5 quizzes can be downloaded from the links below:

  1. FP1 Quiz 1
  2. FP1 Quiz 2
  3. FP1 Quiz 3
  4. FP1 Quiz 4
  5. FP1 Quiz 5

To mark them I used the QuickKey App which I was actually quite impressed with. Come back tomorrow to read about QuickKey!

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