Christmas Calculated Colouring 2020

After a very strange year it is is that time of year again…..

This should be suitable for most Year 12students and includes questions on Coordinate Geometry, differentiation of polynomials, surds, indices, a small amount of trigonometry.

The file is available to download here:

I hope your students enjoy it if you choose to use it. Please let me know of any mistakes. I’m also hoping to get a Further Maths one up later.

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Agreed, great questions and easy on the printing side, but nothing to colour in or a key for what answers are what colours…

Hi Matt, the picture to colour in is on PGs 1 of the document. There are 40 sections of the picture that aren’t coloured. It will be hard to tell this if you are looking on a small screen.

Key is also now on the linked document at the bottom of the last page. Sorry I forgot on my initial version.

Hi Alex, sorry I was silly and forgot to include it. I w updated the linked file now to include it.

Hi Julie, thanks for your comment. Yes it should definitely be a minus. The linked file was updated a few hours ago so if you re-download it should be ok.

It’s the image on the first page. There are sections that are uncoloured. If you are looking on a small screen it is hard to tell but it prints ok.

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