Coronavirus and the Plan for my A-Level Classes

Over the last couple of weeks before half term I have tried a few things for the setting of work for my Year 12 A-Level classes remotely.

By far the most successful have been my use of worksheets with some recall / do now questions, some examples and then some exercises.

For the examples I will screen record with voiceover me annotating the examples on my iPad. As I want to upload them to an assignment in Microsoft Teams I then have to compress the videos – this can also be done on the iPad (I use Vid Compressor – I have the paid version so there is no watermark on the videos). To write my worksheet I use Pages as there is decent LaTeX interpreter built in to format mathematics properly.

Below you can download the files for a complete Further Maths lesson on the nth roots of unity. Let me know what you think – I hate the sound of my own voice though!

I have had good completion rates with this style of work set, and I like the fact that if I want to I can do the whole workflow on my iPad Pro without resorting to getting out a laptop.

Not knowing when schools will be back I have so far planned out the next half terms worth of work on the basis that I could stick to this schedule whether I am physically in the classroom with the students or not. I have decided to do 1/5 revision of prior content and 4/5 new content (Every lesson will have some retrieval practice starter questions though). My plan for Maths and for Further Maths is as follows:

Plan for the Next Five Weeks

I will then supplement these with some exercise sets taken from textbooks for independent practice. The questions on my sheets will all be original.

I’m happy to make my files available if anyone would find them helpful – just let me know šŸ™‚

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I’ve been doing much the same and it’s a relief to hear that another teacher has found a positive with the screen record to accompany worksheets (although I’ve been using PowerPoint to record over!)

I’d love access to files if you’re happy to share? I’ve done a similar plan (different topics) for my three sixth form groups and can reciprocate if that would be useful to you?

Hi Jada.
Of course, DM me on twitter and I will send you a link to the folder. I’m glad it isn’t just me too šŸ™‚ Always grateful to share resources too!
Ta, Tom

Hi Tom,

Just came across this link on twitter and your plan looks great! If you am could share your worksheets (especially FM) that would be really appreciated!



Hi Devina.
Of course, DM me on twitter and I will send you a link to the folder.
Ta, Tom

Hi Tom, I’m new to teaching FM. We’ve had an AMSP face-to-face tutor working with us for several months before school closure. Now we’re mainly using text book, Integral, and past papers. We’ve finished the AS course (core pure + stats 1 + decision 1, edexcel) but my student (yes, just the one!) needs revision resources to build fluency and recall. I’d quite like to use some of your ‘do now’ questions if that’s ok?

Hi Melanie, Iā€™m so sorry I have only just seen this. Please feel free to use anything I post that you like.

Hi Tom,
Yes would love the resources that you are willing to share, they look good. If you want any resource back in way of payment just name a topic. Stats, pure and further pure are my areas of teaching.

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