NCETM #mathscpdchat January 21st – Polar Plotting

Tonight (7pm UK time, Tuesday 21st January) I am hosting the NCETM #mathscpdchat on the subject of “Using Technology to Enhance A-Level Maths Learning”.

As a prelude to this I am sharing a desmos creation that was heavily inspired by something posted by Steve Phelps (@giohio ) over the Christmas break.

Here is my version that does something slightly different, with a couple of options. It can be found here.

As I’m also pretty passionate about empowering other teachers to create their own versions of things using technology I produced some step-by-step instructions for creating this.

These can be downloaded here.

For discussion tonight I’m interested in starting to look at the following questions:

  1. Would you use this kind of “interactive” when teaching the sketching of polar curves?
  2. Could it lead to any misconceptions?
  3. Do you think this would have a positive impact on student understanding?
  4. As a teacher would you want to be able to create this kind of interactive?
  5. Would the skills needed to create this be useful for students to learn?

Please try and join in the discussion tonight….

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