Christmas Further Maths Calculated Colouring 2019

Slightly later than I had hoped due to feeling a bit under the weather here is my first Christmas Further Maths Calculated Colouring.

It is designed to be suitable for as many Year 12s as possible and includes topics such as method of differences, matrices, complex numbers, conic sections etc. Please check it is suitable, though hopefully for most classes there will only be a few questions that perhaps aren’t accessible.

This year my super talented cousin Sapphire Armitage has designed the image for me. She takes commissions through her etsy store if anyone is interested (SapphiresDesignShop) and can be found on instagram at @sapphireillustrations.

Please download the file for use with your classes here.

NB: I haven’t had much of a chance to check this one so any mistakes please let me know.

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