AQA A-Level Further Maths Paper 3 Warmup

My class are doing the Mechanics and Statistics applied options for the AQA Further Maths A-Level. because of this my warmup sheet is focussed on these two areas – sorry I didn’t have time to do one for each applied grouping. Next Year I shall make sure I have a sheet for each of the possible combinations. Sorry!!


The sheet with solutions on Page 2 is available for you to use here.

AQA Paper 2 Pure Predicted Content

UPDATE: Full paper now up. Solutions by 8pm tonight if not earlier.

This is later than I had hoped, and in fact this is Version 1. I will be adding some extra questions tonight and solutions will be shared tomorrow.

As I have said previously I can’t predict what will or won’t turn up, or the kinds of questions on the pure components of AQA Paper 2 and 3 for A-Level Maths. I think it is likely that some topics not examined so far will come up, and the linked file contains some questions on these topics.



The file is here if you want to use it.


Solutions here.

AQA A-Level Further Maths 2019 Predicted Content for Paper 2

I’ve had an attempt at producing a paper of predicted content for the next AQA A-Level Further Maths paper (on Thursday).

Screenshot 2019-06-04 14.58.39

I hope this is useful but please be aware this is not a true paper – in particular the AO weightings aren’t as they should be and it has been put together fairly hastily (I hope there aren’t many mistakes!).

Solutions to follow tomorrow morning – off to do my A-Level Warmup sheet for Paper 1 first.

Download the file here.