Verbalising mathematics

One thing that I think is very important to develop in students is their ability to describe mathematics, both verbally and in written form. I think that the ability to describe their thinking in a mathematically correct and concise way is a skill that can significantly improve the transition from GCSE to A Level in […]

Exams and tests

I’ve just been marking some Year 7 end of term tests and I wanted to get people’s views on tests split up in to tiers. I did two tests from different tiers with my class, and inevitably the levels reported by the tests don’t vary wildly. To me, the whole purpose of summative testing is […]

The Perils of Grading Work

Last night, just as I was going to bed I was notified through Twitter of Manan’s (@shahlock) latest blog post where he looks at the grading (by another person) of some work that had been sent to him. As he rightly points out commenting on just the written grading is fraught with problems as you […]