A-Level Revision Clock 1

Short post as I need to go to bed!! I have made my first Revision Clock activity for the new syllabus. Please let me know if you use the file located here with your classes, I would love some feedback.

AQA Level 2 Further Maths Matrix Transformations

So this was meant to be posted on Monday evening and time has got away with me. Hence an early Tuesday morning post. Something a bit different as im sharing a revision sheet I made for my Year 11 Level2 Further Maths students last week’s. It covers matrix transformations and has some brief notes plus […]

Parametric Functions Card Sort

Just another card sort to share this Sunday… This one concerns parametric equations and invoice curve sketching, converting to cartesian form, differentiating parametric equations and parametric integration. Feel free to use: Download here.

May Revision Question-a-Day Calendar

Only 10 days late sharing this one…. On the plus side I am looking forward to next year and thinking that these will all already exist and be ready to use 🙂 This month I have gone for a mixed range of questions testing student’s essential skills ready for the exam. File available here for […]

A Desmos Proof Activity

I’ve recently been having a bit of a play with the Desmos Activity Builder and they have recently added an ordered list component. Because of this I have created a Desmos activity that explores proof by contradiction. This isn’t an area of mathematics I would naturally think to use Desmos for, but I have used […]

Proof Approaches Cardsort / Questions

Just a very short post tonight to share a small cardsort / set of questions I wrote to provide a quick bit of revision if the different proof techniques and promote some discussion in the classroom. Download the file to use here.

Mechanics Sort of Mock

  My students have been asking for more practice papers for AQA Further Mathematics as there aren’t many.. I’ve ended up writing some of what I am calling “sort of mock” papers. I don’t pretend that they are completely true reflections of the real mock papers but I hope that they at least have the […]

Modelling with Differential Equations

One thing my students (and I think most students) seem to struggle on is converting a given situation into a differential equation. The solving part seems to be relatively easy, assuming they have a good grip on integration, in comparison to this part! As a revision activity I have made a card sort where students […]

Year 13 Exam Question a Day – updated to the end!!!

I have now finished my exam question a day resource and it has questions up to the 13th June. I still haven’t had a chance to collate all the solutions into the correct order, but they can all be found quite easily by students by downloading the SAMS from the awarding bodies’ websites and then […]

AQA Large Data Set (Cars) with Desmos

When the fantastic Desmos launched its new statistic functionality I thought I would try writing a resource that lets students use the new statistics visualisation functions. I’d love for you to try using it with your students and let me know how it goes as I haven’t given it much testing yet. Please download the […]