Educating Me

We are coming up to the end of @staffrms #29daysof writing and for this post I have stolen an idea from Stephen Connor and am going to answer a few questions about my education. What were you like at school?  Overall I was pretty good at school and did well academically. Looking back, as a teacher, […]

Why don’t more people use WebEx?!

The rise of the Internet and the fact that these days you can get a reasonable mobile data connection almost anywhere mean that collaboration with other teachers (or people in general) that are miles from where you are is a very real possibility.In the past I have always used something like Skype for this purpose, […]

Is “trick” a bad word?

Today one of my colleagues asked me how this followed:  Thinking back my response (in front of the class) was something along the lines of “that’s a fairly standard trick used when integrating”. This troubles me as it makes it seem that it has come out of nowhere by some kind of magical process and probably […]

East Midlands KS5 Mathematics Conference 2016

A lot of you probably know that for a while I have had the idea of organising a CPD conference aimed at KS5 mathematics. I feel that this is an area that isn’t served as well as lower Key Stages (of course MEI, FMSP do fantastic work in this area!) and with the imminent changes […]

Me and my PhD – an Embarrassing Video

Back in 2012 I was asked to take part in some videos promoting PhDs in the maths department at Nottingham. I didn’t realise it was online until some people in one of my classes found it… So for your enjoyment here is the awful video!!!  

Proof at Secondary School

On Tuesday 23rd of February I am hosting the NCETM’s #mathscpdchat on the topic of “Proving: how do pupils learn to do it?”. This post is a collection of some thoughts and opinions that I have had over the last week or so…. A month or so ago I watched this fantastic video from the […]

An Integration Trick

Before I started teaching A-Level I hadn’t done an integral by hand for about 5 years – I would always use Mathematica when I had to evaluate an integral symbolically. I’ve actually enjoyed re-familiarising myself with some of the techniques required for some of the more difficult integrands and fancied looking at some more challenging […]

Debbie Morgan and Primary Mastery

Last year I was lucky enough to go to one of my local MathsHub’s Secondary Curriculum Development sessions which Debbie Morgan, the NCETM director of primary was leading. I really enjoyed this session and now the NCETM have helpfully put up a video of a similar session online. Even though it is targeted at primary […]

Women in Maths Videos

I studied for my PhD at the University of Nottingham in the School of Mathematical Sciences and there was lots of discussion about women in mathematics whilst I was there. As a department they are very supportive of female mathematicians and assisting them in building careers in mathematics. They have a bi-weekly meeting for all […]

Girls and A-Level Further Mathematics

I recently received my IMA member’s magazine “Mathematics Today” in the post and in this issue there is a very interesting article by Claire Baldwin, Sue de Pomerai and Cathy Smith titled “The Participation of Girls in Further Mathematics“. Luckily they have made this article available online here so if you aren’t a member of […]