Springer Books

Yesterday I noticed on Twitter that Springer have made available quite a few classic books from their “Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics” and “Graduate Texts in Mathematics” freely available as PDFs. Some of these I paid good money for as an undergraduate and still have on my shelves and dip into occasionally. A GitHub user “bishboria” […]

New AS-Level Further Mathematics 2017

Following on from Stuart’s (@sxpmaths) excellent blog post looking at the changes coming to A-Level mathematics in 2017 I thought I would take a bit more of a detailed look at the prescribed content of Further Mathematics than I did in my old post here. Since I wrote my original post there have been a few changes (notably […]

ATM MT #mathsjournalclub Special Edition Winning Articles

Apologies that this announcement is later than planned, but I still think there is time for people to read these articles for a discussion on Monday 11th January at 8pm. The ATM Mathematics Teaching journal produced a special assessment focussed edition this November that has completely open access until the end of January and for […]

An App Review – SUMAZE!

This post is an expanded version of a review I wrote for the IMA’s (Institute of Mathematics and it’s Applications) magazine Mathematics Today which was published in the December 2015 issue. If you are in the UK ad aren’t already a member of the IMA I really would encourage you to join, the magazine is […]

Wolfram Alpha and Precision of Input

This post mainly concerns the use of WolframAlpha and has been prompted by a tweet by Peter Rowlett on the 10th of December 2015. WolframAlpha is an incredibly useful tool that more and more students are beginning to use to check their work (and, I’m sure in some cases just do the work for them!) […]

A Level Calculated Colouring – Corrections

Thank you for all the positive comments on the A-Level Calculated colouring resource that i shared earlier in the week, I’m glad that people have used it. I’m extremely grateful to Adam Creen (@adamcreen), Ben Plowman (@PlowMaths) and Gary Wing (@gsw71) for pointing out a few questions that had typos or needed correcting. I have […]

An A-Level Calculated Colouring

All of last year my Further Maths class were asking to do a calculated colouring (like the 10 Ticks ones) at the end of term and I always said know as I would rather they do some maths!  But this year I thought I could create an A-Level colouring inspired by the lower school 10 […]

Some Things to Consider Before Monday’s #mathsjournalclub

Next Monday (that is Monday 7th December) we have our third #mathsjournalclub discussion. We will be chatting about Ellie Darlington’s article “Contrasts in Mathematical Challenges in A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and Undergraduate Examinations“.  I have enjoyed re-reading this article and have thought of a few things to think about / discuss in Monday: The […]

Something I Struggle to Understand

At school I always found mathematics easy, and fluency with numbers came easy to me, as a consequence I find it hard to understand how students can come to secondary school and not be flent with manipulating the number system, especially the integers. Earlier this week I asked a KS3 student to tell me how […]