Beautiful Knowledge – A great BBC article

On the 21st April the BBC published this great article containing extract’s from David McCandless’ book “Knowledge is Beautiful”. There are some great infographics in this article that could be used in the classroom to promote a lively discussion about presenting data, how to present data to increase understanding and how to use design to increase clarity. […]

My Mathematical Journey

I recently read Manan’s post and learnt that in the States April is Mathematics Awareness Month. Manan had written about his mathematical journey so I thought I would do the same. I remember always liking maths and number stuff, but apparently for the first couple of years at primary school I wasn’t seen as being good at it […]

The problem with Triangles

Earlier this week one of my classes said something that I had heard can happen, but hadn’t happened to me yet:  We were discussing angles in a triangle and I drew a triangle like the one below    One of my students then said the fabled “but that isn’t a triangle Sir”. I questioned why […]

Slightly Harder Matrix Multiplication Problem

The lesson after I taught matrix multiplication to my FP1 guys I gave them this question as a starter   At first I gave no information of where this came from or how I expected them to solve it. After about 15 minutes had passed, and we had got past the initial “no idea” phase, many […]

What do we want in an A Level textbook?

Most people I have spoken to aren’t terribly keen on the current A Level textbooks. I think that the current Pearson Edexcel books are particularly poor, worse than the Edexcel books that I had when I was at A Level and definitely not as good as the Bostock and Chandler textbooks that I love.  I […]

Increasing Cognitive Load at A Level

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago during #mathsTLP that I sometimes adapt multi-step A Level exam questions by converting them in to a single question to challenge my students. As I used 4 of these yesterday for an FP1 revision session I thought I’d share them.  They are all taken from Edexcel FP1 exams […]

Knowledge is Power

So, after a week away I have an opinion piece… Please give me feedback as I would like to hear other people’s opinions and I am open to mine being changed! With the new GCSE specification coming in, I often hear how “we need to be teaching more problem solving skills”, “developing independent learners”, “using […]