MyMaths Update

Thought I should provide an update on last nights post. This morning the MyMaths team must have come into a deluge of tweets as they started work tweeted that they apologised for the message on these slides and were working to update this lesson. True to their word, by the afternoon this lesson had been […]

Another MyMaths Post

I’ve written about a pretty awful MyMaths question before and this is another post about MyMaths – I promise I will keep it brief. When I saw the screen shot below that had been tweeted by Michelle MacDonagh (@michellemacd) I genuinely thought it was a photoshop by someone. Alas, it turns out that this is not […]


Yesterday morning I wasn’t as positive setting off early to #mathsconf5 in Sheffield as I normally am due to having felt really ill on Friday and I still wasn’t feeling great on the Saturday morning. Giving a workshop in the first session meant that not going wasn’t really an option and I was very thankful […]

A Love of Romanesco

I was pretty excited to discover that my local Aldi had Romanesco cauliflower’s for sale – from Nottinghamshire no less.          Above are some pictures at various levels of zoom.  I really like looking at Romanesco cauliflower as it is possibly the closest approximation in nature to a mathematical fractal. Because of nature’s […]

The Second #mathsjournalclubarticle has Been Chosen

So the day to announce the next #mathsjournalclub article as come, and it was a landslide victory, garnering over 52% of the votes. The article you have chosen is “Mathematical études: embedding opportunities for developing procedural fluency within rich mathematical contexts” by Colin Foster, as published in the International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology. […]

A Sixth Form PRET Homework

One of the many jobs that I had wanted to do over the summer was to create PRET homeworks for the A-Level modules that I was going to be teaching this coming year. Along with the website design this didn’t really happen, so now I am doing them throughout the year as I go. I […]

Demonstrating a Love of Learning Maths in Lessons

Today I am hostingthe first #mathscpdchat of the new academic year. Between 7pm and 8pm we will be discussing the following topic: “How do you demonstrate to your pupils that you have a personal love of learning maths?” Since being asked to host this, I’ve been thinkning quite a bit about this and this short […]

The End of This Year’s #summerblogchallenge

Today was an inset day for me, so technically yesterday’s post was my last #summerblogchallenge post, however I thought I would briefly round off the challenge tonight.  Overall I have enjoyed it, but I am looking forward to relaxing a bit and not having to post every day. Some days it was hard to find […]

A VideoScribe Video

During the last week of the holiday I was inspired by some videos that Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) has produced (as seen in her great blog post on Behaviour Management) using the VideoScribe software to produce a Classroom Expectations video of my own to use. VideoScribe is a piece of software that you can download to your Mac, […]

Proof School

I was wondering today how many people in the UK had seen the article about Proof School in the San Francisco article. I saw this article on towards the end of July and found it fascinating. The idea of a school dedicated to helping the most gifted at mathematics excel really appeals to me. […]