The Bumping Method

Almost a couple of weeks ago now (I can’t find the original tweet) John McCormack (@JohnJMcCormack) tweeted to me this “bumping” method for subtraction.    I haven’t seen this method promoted before. It makes use of the fact that the difference between 9 and 4 say is the same as the difference between 15 and 10:  […]

Stuart’s Puzzle

A couple of weeks ago Stuart Price (@sxpmaths) posted this question on Twitter    I hadn’t really thought about it before but it is a bit strange that we ask similar questions about the mean in Year 7 but (I at least) have never asked an A-Level student this kind of question before.  I think […]

Another Fantastic Day -#mathsconf4

After having to set my alarm for 04:30 in the morning to make the train I needed to get into London and enduring an annoying rail replacement bus I’m glad to say that #mathsconf4 was fantastic; as the previous ones have been! Before I describe in a bit more detail I want to mention the […]

A Little on Japanese Multiplication

The Japanese method of multiplication seems to be everywhere at the moment – Julia (@tessmaths) I noticed had advocated it ( I think prompted by a tweet by @missradders) on Twitter overtone weekend and one of my oldest friends posted a video of it on my Facebook page yesterday asking how it works and if it will […]

Thoughts on Edexcel Mechanics 2

Firstly, after a discussion on Twitter the other week I’ve decided to delay publishing my workings of the Edexcel exam papers until I know that they are already out there on the Internet. My personal feeling is that the exam papers (not solutions) should be made publicly available (I.e. Not in any secure sections of […]

The great Prism Debate

Whilst I was out tutoring last night I missed a post from Jo (@mathsjem ) about Prisms… There was a debate about whether a cylinder was a prism. I had always understood a requirment of a solid being a prism was that the base of a prism was polygonal – i.e. made up of straight […]

The Ethos of a Good A Level Classroom

I’m not sure why (someone probably asked me at school) but yesterday I started thinking about what I think leads to a good ethos in an A Level class and what I strive to achieve with my classes.  My guiding principle with A Level groups is equality – I don’t want to be seen as […]

The GCSE Frenzy

I don’t think anyone in the UK can have missed the media frenzy over the first Edexcel maths GCSE paper of this year. For example see here and here. Having done the paper I don’t think it was particularly unfair or hard. There were plenty of standard, well trodden questions aimed at the C/B range. The questions targeting […]

Thoughts on Edexcel Mechanics 1

Yesterday morning students at my school sat M1, FP2 and the OCR FMSQ papers. This is the first of three posts looking at these papers and I’ll start with the Mechanics paper.  I’ll admit I’m feeling pretty tired at the moment and so I made a few mistakes that I had to correct as I […]

Tesco Maths

Yesterday I was pleased to notice that the packaging for the new recipe flavoured milks includes some nice maths puzzles on three of the four varieties (only the chocolate fudge flavour doesn’t contain a number Puzzle)         I think these are pretty nice for their target audience – which I guess is a lot […]