Birth Of A Theorem

Cedric Villani’s book “Birth of a Theorem” has recently been released and received positive revies, such as this one by Hannah Fry. I had been dubious about buying this book due to the apparent high level mathematical content of parts of it, but about 3 weeks ago BBC Radio 4 featured it as their book of the […]

Nottingham Maths on BBC Radio 4 Today

Yesterday morning on my way to school I had a nice surprise and heard Ivan Fesenko on BBC Radio 4 today talking about a new £2.3 million grant that academics at Oxford University and The University of Nottingham have won to tackle some of the greatest unsolved pure mathematics problems.  The short interview is well […]

MathsHUBS and Steel Cables

I’ve been pretty slow writing about this but on Wednesday 11th March Mathshubs East Midlands West held this half term’s Secondary Curriculum Development Meeting.  Aswell as being a chance to have a few cakes (I particularly like the granola bars topped with strawberry jam and seeds) Matilde Warden (@jordanvorderman), the maths lead for the East […]

Maths Carnival 120

The great site The Aperiodical maintain a monthly blog carnival, that is hosted,in turn, by other blog writers. This month the Carnival of Mathematics has been curated by Manan Shah over at the site Math Misery.  I am privileged to have had two posts of mine included in this edition. The first concerns approximations to and is available here, the […]


I had a great Pi day yesterday at The National Mathematics Teachers Conference, organised by La Salla Education (@LaSalleEd) interacting with many other teachers from around the UK. My only regret is that I didn’t stay the night before, it sounds like a lot of fun was had. The day got off to a good start with […]

A Little Bit of Pi

As it is the day of the century I thought I really should write a short blog post about it.  Most people know that the first digits of pi are , and this year using the american format for representing the date we can get the first 9 decimal places on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 in […]

Math(s) Teachers at Play 83

Earlier this week I was honoured to hear that Stephen Cavadino (@srcav) had featured my post on conics with GeoGebra in Issue 83 of the Math(s) Teachers at Play blog carnival.  The Teachers at Play blog carnival was started by Denise Gaskins (@letsplaymath) who regularly blogs herself. I can’t believe I didn’t know about the existence […]


Since starting teaching I’ve noticed that a lot of teachers like to use pentominoes for various activities. As a way of learning and practicing some Javascript and getting to know the Fabric.js (@fabricjs) canvas library I have produced a pentomino arranging exercise, a screen shot is shown below: You can move and rotate the pieces […]

Mathematician or Educator?

A couple of weeks ago I was at an IMA organised Mathematics and Industry event at Rolls-Royce in Derby. One of the speakers posed the question “Are you a mathematician or educator?”. This has led me to think about where I stand on the related  “Mathematician or educator?” question. Ultimately I would describe myself as […]

Geogebra and Further Maths

This week I had an observed lesson, where the remit was that I do something risky that I perhaps wouldn’t have done otherwise. My Year 12 Further Maths class had been selected as my observation lesson – I found thinknig of something risky to do with them harder than if it had been any other […]