Maths Carnival 120

The great site The Aperiodical maintain a monthly blog carnival, that is hosted,in turn, by other blog writers. This month the Carnival of Mathematics has been curated by Manan Shah over at the site Math Misery

I am privileged to have had two posts of mine included in this edition. The first concerns approximations to \(\pi\) and is available here, the second is my post about using Geogebra for self guided learning in FP1 when looking at the conic sections.

Issue 120 of the Carnival of Mathematics is here and well worth a read – I didn’t realise 120 was an abundant number! Manan has picked out some great reads, including Stephen Cavadino’s (@srcav) work through of a nice problem that eventually boils down to finding the maximum of a quadratic and a discussion of the convergence speed when computing Khinchin’s Constant by John D. Cook (@JohnDCook). 

Head over and read The Carnival of Mathematics at Math Misery and check out the rest of Manan’s blog too – there’s always something of interest there!

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