Maths Teachers at Play 94

It is my turn to host the Maths Teachers at Play blog carnival this month (check out the last edition hosted by Manan at MathMisery). Tradition dictates that I start the post with some cool facts about the number 94, so here are a few: 94 is a Smith number. This means that its digit sum […]

Visualising the Normal Distribution

A short post tonight with a Geogebra resource that I used when teaching the Normal distribution to my year 12 further mathematicians. I find that the hardest thing when learning the normal distribution and the linear mapping to the standard normal is that students can’t visualise the areas they are trying to find and how […]

Call for MTaP Submissions

Following on from Manan’s great last issue of the “Maths Teachers at Play” blog carnival I am hosting this months issue, and will be publishing next Saturday. Please submit any posts of your own (or others that you have enjoyed reading) either through this form or to me directly either by email or through Twitter. […]

Thoughts on Times Tables

For most of January people have been talking about the new Times Tables tests being introduced into primary schools by the Government. There has been much negative press about these, which personally I think is unwarranted. For me there is no need for tests to put undue pressure on children, or increase anxiety – it […]

The Fourth #mathsjournalclub Discussion

On the 11th of January we discussed two articles from the ATM Special Edition of MT on assessment (available at

#mathsjournalclub on the 11th January

As written about here, on Monday 11th January at 8pm there will be a special #mathsjournalclub chat to discuss two articles from the special assessment edition of ATM’s Mathematics Teaching Journal. Here are a couple of things from each article that I think could make discussion points and may provide a bit of focus as you read […]

2015 – A Year of Blogging in Review

As a quick post for New Year’s Day I thought I would share my top 5 blog posts of the previous year. Maths Journal Club – The first post about #mathsjournalclub. Get involved in the next discussion on the 11th January for the ATM special edition chat, details are here. John Mason – Another ATM Session – Here I wrote […]