Explaining what maths is in a tweet…

During this weeks #mathschat @LearningMaths posted something like “it comes down to what we think maths is”. This gave me the idea of trying to crowd source a definition based on peoples tweets. I follow a wide selection of mathematicians, maths teachers, computer programmers so I think I could get some interesting responses. Please tweet […]

Everything We Know Is Wrong

On Tuesday 26th August 2014 BBC Radio 4 presented a programme looking at the validity of scientific research. This programme is Everything We Know Is Wrong, available on BBC iPlayer here. Jolyon Jenkins presents, among others, the results from some research done by Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University. His paper “Why Most Research Findings […]

Integration by a flowchart.

After years of dealing with any integrations that I had to do by thinking “let’s load Mathematica” I thought I should probably practice doing some by hand as I will be teaching Further Mathematics this year and will need to be able to integrate by hand. As I was practicing a few I had a […]

The Educators – Episode 2 John Hattie

This Wednesday (20/08/14) Episode 2 of the new BBC Radio 4 series The Educators aired and is now available on iPlayer. In this episode Sarah Montague interviews John Hattie, Professor of Education at the University of Melbourne about his work analysing a wide range of educational research. John talks about his work analysing over 60000 […]

Thoughts on the draft maths A Level content

So, before I had even read through the Government’s documents outlining the proposed changes to the A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics courses I came across an excellent post by @srcav discussing the changes – I really need to learn to stay more up to date. The Department for Education and Ofqual are currently in […]

Why teach?!

So, I thought as a good way to introduce myself to people who may not know me that way it would be good to describe why I have gone into teaching… During my School Direct year I had to write a short assignment on “My Starting Point as a New Teacher”, I gave this a […]