Nottingham NQT Differentiation

On Thursday this week I went to the Nottingham University School of Education NQT session on differentiation.  I was quite concerned at the beginning when someone presented slides titled “Differentiation by Gender” and “Differentiation by Learning Style” but the subject specific discussion was your interesting. In true ITT style we had to summarise our thoughts […]

My First @solvemymaths Problem

This morning I woke up to the problem shown below by the excellent @solvemymaths on my Twitter feed. I’ve always been very lazy and not properly solved any of his puzzles before, partly because I have a strange irrational fear of geometry. Wanting to conquer this fear I thought I’d have a quick go at […]

Classic Maths Books 2 – Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method

This book isn’t actually that old, it was first published in 1987, the edition I have is a reprint by Dover Publications. For my PhD I studied the application of a particular class of finite element methods for the solution of the neutron transport equation. Finite element methods are a way to numerically solve a […]

Towards a Silent Aircraft

A good friend of mine, Ed Hall had told me about a lecture at the University of Leicester this Tuesday (10th February 2015). This lecture was the 17th Annual Industry lecture organised by department of Engineering and was given by Professor Dame Ann Dowling. Professor Dowling is President of the Royal Academy of Engineering and […]

FMSP Favourite Problems – Number 2

Here is the second post in my ‘FMSP Favourite Problems’ series looking at the problems selected for the Further Maths Support Programme’s favourite problem series of posters. This second problem I’m not very keen on as it just seems a bit dull. As usual I started with a small sketch, annotated with what I knew […]

Symbols are meaningless without understanding

NB: this post is more opinion led than most of mine! On Tuesday evening I attended a webinar on the ARK Mathematics Mastery programme (@MathsMastery I found this a very interesting hour or so, but the one quote that I took away from it was the following Symbols don’t mean anything unless you understand the […]