Secondary Curriculum Development Meeting

Last Wednesday (21st January 2015) I attended the first East Midlands Secondary Curriculum Development meeting of this year. These are hosted at the University of Nottingham and organised by the East Midlands West maths hub (@EM_MathsHub). This was a great, thought provoking session about problem solving led by Dominic Hudson, from Heanor Gate Science College, […]

FMSP Favourite Problems – Number 1

In a fairly shameless copy of the style of some of @srcav‘s posts where he solves a maths problem and briefly goes through his reasoning I have decided to do the same with some (easier) problems that I have recently discovered. The Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP) have produced a series of 6 posters of […]

Matlab in the Classroom

One of the things I have missed since teaching in a school is the fact that I don’t have access to Matlab…. Matlab is a product from The Mathworks, designed originally for numerical computation (indeed the name derives from MATrix LABoratory as the software was originally focussed towards operations on matrices) but which now is […]

A Starter for all Groups

Sometimes I like to do a quick starter with my groups where they are just playing with numbers and which isn’t related to the work of a particular lesson. One day last week I decided I wanted a starter that I could use across all abilities and year groups. I remembered the following problem that […]

Classic Maths Books 1 – Bostock and Chandler textbooks

This week I posted the following picture on Twitter: A few people retweeted, favourited and commented how good they were for questions to stretch A Level students so I thought I would write a bit more here. They were first published in 1982 and are still available from Amazon here and here. I think I […]

Nottingham Lakeside’s George Green Exhibition

This is a post that I should have written months ago when this exhibition opened. Unfortunately it is closing on Sunday, it’s open 12pm-4pm tomorrow and Sunday, the details are available here. If you are local to Nottingham and have some spare time it is well worth a visit. George Green is probably one of […]