Teaching KS5 Mathematics

On Friday 20th May 2016 I was lucky enough to be asked to lead a session for the University of Nottingham maths PGCE students on teaching KS5 mathematics. It was three hours long and I really enjoyed doing the session and working with a great group of PGCE students. I have embedded the presentation below, […]

FP1 Revision Relay

Tomorrow is the last day for FP1 revision with classes. I have just made a relay activity to use tomorrow so thought i would share it here in case it is useful for anyone else. The questions are here. I am intending on running this like the UKMT Team Challenge relays with one person working […]

FP3 Revision Clock

For the third of my revision clock activities I decided to make one for FP3. As before, they are a mix of generally 5/6 mark questions either from past exam papers or written by myself. I haven’t tried this one out with my class yet…. The questions are here, and I will put up fully […]

The Fifth #mathsjournalclub Discussion

On the 9th of May we discussed “Fifty years of A-level mathematics: Have standards changed?” by Ian Jones, Chris Wheadon, Sara Humphries and Matthew Inglis.

FP2 “Keeping Time”

Following on from my FP1 Revision Clock activity I have made one for FP2.  As before the generic clock template is available here.  The questions are a mix of ones that I have written myself and past exam questions.  You can find the questions and solutions on my website.  It took my class slightly over […]

Should we mark “mathematical style” at A-Level? 

Something that I have been meaning to write about for ages and seemed pertinent to today’s #mathscpdchat hosted by Rob Beckett (@RBeckett_Yd) is the idea of mathematical style.  I’m often saying to my A-Level students that mathematics isn’t just about succeeding at getting an answer. The steps to the answer are the most important along […]

FP1 Revision Clock

Inspired by posts from Mel (@Just_Maths), a nice C1 revision activity from Jo (@mathsjem) and a Core 3 version from Eve Pascal (@Pascal1Eve) I decided to make an FP1 “Keeping Time” Revision Clock activity. The questions are a mix of my own and past exam papers. I haven’t used it with my class yet, but all […]

Monday’s #mathsjournalclub Discussion

Today (Monday 9th May) we are going to be discussing the recent paper by Ian Jones, Chris Wheadon, Sara Humphries and Matthew Inglis entitled “50 Years of A-Level Mathematics: Have Standards Changed“. . As the article is pay-walled we will be looking at a pre-print version available Here. Anecdotally most people seem to agree that over time A-Level […]

FP3 Integration Bingo

A very short post tonight to share a resource that I made last week in an effort to make the beginning of an FP3 revision session a bit more interesting. I have created 40 integration questions to be used in a bingo format. The presentation with the questions is available here and there are some pre-made bingo […]