A Bit of Nostalgia

Yesterday’s post was a bit mammoth, so today’s post is much shorter! I’m sure you are all releived by this.  Back in April I posted on my Mathematical Journey and in that post I mentioned how I felt lucky to have a granny who was a maths teacher.  Ever since I can remember she would talk about […]

Math(s) Teachers at Play 88

So, here is issue 88 of the Math(s) Teachers at Play blog carnival. This acts as a round up of some cool blog posts that have been published since issue 87 over at cavmaths. As usual people have submitted entries, which I will supplement with some posts that I have really enjoyed reading in the last […]

The Magic of the Micro: Part 1

At the beginning of July Stuart Price (@sxpmaths) blogged this post looking at A Level textbooks through the ages.  I really enjoyed reading this, and was particularly drawn to a picture of a book that described computer programs written in Basic for use in the maths classroom. I was so keen to look at this that I […]

The First #mathsjournalclub Article and Discussion Date

Firstly, put the evening of Monday 24th August into your calendars!! Thank you to everyone who voted for our first journal article. Around 50 people made a selection and the overwhelming winner was the article “A Glimpse into Secondary Student’s Understanding of Functions” from the journal International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning published online […]

Maths in the Media

Math’s seems to be quite popular in the media at the moment, with three great articles printed in the last week or so! I thought I would share them here and provide a short commentary. The Singular Mind of Terry Tao The New York Times has published this great (long) article on the life of […]

AM-GM Inequality

The Arithmetic Mean – Geometric Mean (AM-GM) inequality is possibly one of my favourite inequalities (another is the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality, see a later #summerblogchallenge post for more details on this). Earlier this week I was honoured to have received an envelope of goodies from Ed (@solvemymaths). Alongside the very cool mathematical Mr Men stickers, there […]

Restaurant Menus

As I’m sure some of you know I love going out for food and am happy to spend ages reading menus as I walk down a street.  Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed looking at the price of things on menus, working out various things.    For example on the above menu […]

Rational Functions

So here is the first of my 47 (if I can count….) blog posts as part of #summerblogchallenge – not quite as many as @MissNorledge! I thought I would briefly write about rational functions which often come up in A Level and STEP papers. A rational function is any function with polynomials. Quite often you are […]

The #summerblogchallenge Index

This post will be updated daily to reflect the latest posts that have been published. Anyone who is taking part in the #summerblogchallenge will have their posts listed here – as long as you use the hashtag #summerblogchallenge they will be picked up by me and @MissNorledge and indexed so everyone’s posts can be easily found. My […]


Last week I made the (what I thought) throw-away comment that I was going to try and write a blog post every day of the holiday. I said this mainly because I want to try and get more regular in my posting, and this seems the perfect incentive!  Christine (@MissNorledge) seemed keen to take part […]