Call for Submissions

I am hosting this months Maths Teachers at Play blog carnival and o would like your submissions please!  The Maths Teachers at Play blog carnival is organised by Denise Gaskins (on Twitter as @letsplaymath) and every month gets hosted by someone different. This month I have the honour of hosting, and I’m aiming to post the carnival on 30th July. […]

Hierarchy of Numbers

I had seen pictures like this before as it is the classic way of representing how the different types of number relate, but I wasn’t totally happy with any of the ones online.  So I decided to make my own.     I used this in a Year 10 Sixth Form taster session. I will post […]

Python and Further Maths 1

Because of my numerical analysis background I am very passionate about teaching coding alongside mathematics. In particular, I don’t think the A Level syllabus really does justice to the numerical methods component of the course. As most real life problems have to be solved approximately I think that numerical methods are incredibly important, but that teaching them […]

Maths Journal Club

At the weekend I suggested the idea of a Twitter Maths Journal Club. MY intention is for this to run along similar lines to the fantastic Twitter Maths Book club (@MathsBookClub) (blog is here). I have set up a twitter account specifically for this, so please follow @mathjournalclub to stay up to date. The plan is as […]

A Few Views on Mastery

A week or so ago Graham Colman (@colmanweb) asked, on Twitter, for a definition and people’s views on Mastery maths.  Before I started teaching I found it slightly odd that people were talking about the “mastery curriculum” as a new thing…. Surely, no curriculum would have the intention of not building mastery of mathematics in students. […]