An Evening of Nerdy-ness

Yesterday evening I went to the excellent Festival of The Spoken Nerd in Derby, but before thsat I had the pleasure of seeing Alex Bellos speak at a school in Leicestershire. This post is just going to mention a few interesting things from both of these events. Alex Bellos was a very entertaining speaker to […]

#mathsjournalclub Third Poll

 Following on from our second successful discussion last week it is time to vote on the article for the next discussion. The next discussion will take place at 8pm on Monday the 7th of December. I know everyone gets busy in the run up to Christmas but I hope that you can all still take […]

A Pi Curiosity

I’m quite sad that I missed this on pi day this year but I thought I should share it now.. For this years (special) pi day Wolfram Research have produced a web page that enables you to find the location of your birthday in the digits of pi – it is well known that any […]

A Nice Trapezium Rule Question

I’ve been doing preparation for the Oxford MAT exam with a couple of my Year 13s and in the 2008 paper I came across this very nice question about the Trapezium Rule. I really like this question as to answer it you need to have more understanding about how the trapezium rule actually works than […]

#mathsjournalcub Discussion Number 2

Last night we discussed “Mathematical études: embedding opportunities for developing procedural fluency within rich mathematical contexts” (available online here). Like last time it was a very fast paced, interesting discussion. I really enjoyed the discussion and some great points were made by lots of people. Have a look through the storify below – I have hopefully put […]

Carnival of Mathematics 127

Following on from last months excellent collection of posts in the Carnival of Mathematics 126 from Stephen at cavmaths it is my turn to host this blog carnival. The Carnival of Mathematics is a monthly blogging round up that is organised by  The Aperiodical (check it out if for some reason you haven’t before) and has a different host each […]

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

Today is Ada Lovelace Day everyone!  I think it is great that Ada Lovelaceis beginning to get the recognition she deserves. I can remember reading Ada’s notes on Babbage’s difference engine when I was in sixth form and being completely fascinated by them.  The University of Nottingham have produced this great video about her: And […]

#Mathsjournalclub Next Week

Next Monday (19th October) at 8pm we have the second #mathsjournalclub discussion. This time (in case you don’t already know) we are looking at Colin Foster’s paper on “Mathematical études: embedding opportunities for developing procedural fluency within rich mathematical contexts”.  I read the article through again on the train on Saturday night and enjoyed the […]

A Strange Step-by-Step Solution

Earlier this evening I saw the following picture posted by Mathster (@mathstermaths)     As I tweeted I am really not keen on the use of “move all terms to the left” as I don’t think it is clear what this is meant to mean mathematically. Indeed, it could easily lead to misconceptions with people […]

How to Enjoy Your NQT Year

I’m finally getting the material from my session online – if you want an overview of #mathsconf5 last sturdy check out my post here. In this post I am aiming to share the materials I handed out in my session “How to Enjoy (and Succeed at) Your NQT Year” I’ve embedded my Prezi below, if […]