#mathsjournalcub Discussion Number 2

Last night we discussed “Mathematical √©tudes: embedding opportunities for developing procedural fluency within rich mathematical contexts‚ÄĚ (available¬†online¬†here).

Like last time it was a very fast paced, interesting discussion. I really enjoyed the discussion and some great points were made by lots of people. Have a look through the storify below – I have hopefully put in all the points discussed.

Stephen Cavadino (@srcav) wrote a blog post after the discussion trying to categorise √©tudes which I recommend reading. James Pearce (@MathsPadJames) also wrote a post before hand (which unfortunately I didn’t see until about half way through the chat) looking at commonalities between different types of mathematical √©tudes – give that I read too!! I would have promoted it more during the discussion if I had seen it earlier.

Thank you to everyone who took part, and I hope you can make the next one which will be on Monday the 7th of December. The poll for voting will open for a week next Monday. If you would like to submit an article please tweet the details to me by this Friday 23rd October.

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