Thoughts on Edexcel Mechanics 3

Next year I am likely to be teaching Mechanics 3 to my further mathematicians and so I thought I should have a go at this years exam paper (1 person sat it at school so I had a copy of it). After seeing this video I was a little nervous as I hadn’t looked at this since […]

Formula Triangles and an Odd Misconception

Formula triangles are quite prevalent in the UK (I’m not about elsewhere to be honest) – especially in science lessons and when right angled triangle trigonometry is taught. A typical example is the following for the relationship between speed, distance and time:    I’ve expressed my dislike (hatred is perhaps too strong a word) of […]

GeoGebra and Circle Theorems

Yesterday I went to an Intermediate Geogebra course at the Geogebra Institute of Sheffield run by Mark Dabbs. It ¬†was really good, and I have picked up lots of things I hadn’t realised (but probably should have done). For example, the fact that the input bar can be moved to the top of the screen […]

Thoughts on Edexcel Core 2 2015

Many people came out of this exam saying it was hard, even some of my FM class said they didn’t particularly enjoy it. Compared to the 2014  paper i do think it was a bit harder; the lack of a question concerning the trapezium rule was a noticeable omission of some easy marks.  Starting on […]

Partial Fractions

As I teach Further Maths I haven’t really considered how I would teach partial fractions, and normally just do them in my head without writing down any workings. However, I have recently started providing some last minute tuition and one of the things they wanted explaining was partial fractions. To be honest I have forgotten […]

Thoughts on Edexcel Core 1 2015

I don’t actually teach Core 1, but as I’m trying to do every A level maths paper sat by students at my school I thought I’d post a few reflections after I had done it. A pdf of my solutions are here respectively. Overall it seems to have been found pretty easy by the stronger candidates doing […]

Thoughts on Edexcel Further Pure 1 2015

My students weren’t very happy with this years FP1 exam and found it harder than past papers. After doing the paper, I agree it seems harder than recent past papers but I think it was a fair paper. Questions 1 and 2 I thought were incredibly straight froward (5 marks for factorising a cubic and […]


This post was going to be more involved….  Last week a few of us were sharing photos of our collections of maths books and for some reason I couldn’t post more than one photo on a tweet! So, I said I’d write a blog post – I was originally going to write about about some […]

Closed Questions – An ATM Session

This Saturday I went to a great session organised by the East Midland’s branch of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics. It was led by Colin Foster of The University of Nottingham who was talking about “Rich Mahematics from Closed Questions”. Writing about the session in a no-linear fashion I liked how he used Fermat’s […]

Jumping Ahead

I recently opened my copy of the TES from 17th April (this is quite good for me, I normally have months worth of these stacked up which I finally open in the holidays…) and there was a short article with an interview with Dr Geoff Smith of the University of Bath.  I was lucky enough […]