This post was going to be more involved…. 

Last week a few of us were sharing photos of our collections of maths books and for some reason I couldn’t post more than one photo on a tweet! So, I said I’d write a blog post – I was originally going to write about about some of my favourites, but being short of time tonight I think I will leave that and some of them may make it into my “Classic Maths Books” series. 

My books are seemingly spread all over various book shelves, and some just haven’t made it on to shelves (or I have let people borrow them and when they have come back their shelf space has been taken by something new) so below are photos showing all (I think) of them:











I think I may catalogue them over half term as there are quite a few here I had forgotten that I had…

Are there any that people would recommend I get etc?

I do think it would be good to have a central review of books and some of the nice things they contain or a lending system to spread our collective libraries around. 


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