Year 13 Revision Plans

I normally don’t structure my student’s revision much, however this year some of my students asked if I could provide them with guidance on what topics to revise in a given week. Because of this I have written a revision plan, an excerpt of which is shown below. If this will be useful for your […]

Damped SHM

A very quick post early this morning to share a card sort I made for damped simple harmonic motion as a fellow twitter user has requested it. I made this about a month ago, but like everything I need to get better at sharing things in a timely fashion… I enjoyed teaching the damped simple […]

Year 13 Exam Question-a-Day

This is going to be the first of a few posts this week, finally sharing things that I should have shared since the beginning of the year. Many of themĀ are things that I think will be helpful for A-Level revision. The first is the Exam Question A Day booklet I have put together for my […]