Last week I made the (what I thought) throw-away comment that I was going to try and write a blog post every day of the holiday. I said this mainly because I want to try and get more regular in my posting, and this seems the perfect incentive! 

Christine (@MissNorledge) seemed keen to take part and has worked out that she has 51 posts to write!! This is a definite incentive for me to manage the whole summer as she has a much bigger summer of important events planned than I do!

A few others are joining in too, please feel free to join in!

Tomorrow afternoon I will create a post where I will continually link to all the posts everyone writes, so please remember to tweet your posts with the hashtag #summerblogchallenge so that me and Christine can link them 😉

I break up tomorrow so I will be officially starting my challenge on Friday…….

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