The First #mathsjournalclub Article and Discussion Date

Firstly, put the evening of Monday 24th August into your calendars!!

Thank you to everyone who voted for our first journal article. Around 50 people made a selection and the overwhelming winner was the article “A Glimpse into Secondary Student’s Understanding of Functions” from the journal International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning published online by the Center for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching of the University of Plymouth. 

We will be discussing this at 8pm on the 24th August 2015 – you can follow the conversation using the hashtag #mathsjournalclub. If you can’t make the actual conversation but have read the paper it would be great if you could still contribute some thoughts under the hashtag #mathsjournalclub and they can be used to guide the discussion.

To remind you of the topic of the paper I have included a shot of the first page below. Please click on the link to download the full paper. I will publish some discussion themes about a week before the 24th.

I’m really looking forward to discussing this with you all on the 24th.

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