#mathsjournalclub on the 11th January

As written about here, on Monday 11th January at 8pm there will be a special #mathsjournalclub chat to discuss two articles from theĀ special assessment edition of ATM’sĀ Mathematics Teaching Journal.

Here are a couple of things from each article that I think could make discussion points and may provide a bit of focus as you read the articles.

  1. “Encouraging studentsā€™ formative assessment skills when working with non-routine, unstructured problems: Designed student responses” by Sheila EvansĀ 
    1. Do you use exemplar student responses to develop mathematical thinking in your classes?
    2. Do you think this would work for your students?
    3. The responses in this particular example are designed to stimulate particular ways of thinking – do you think this is a good thing? Is it better than sharing actual pupils work?
  2. “Assessment: Beyond right and wrong” by Matt LewisĀ Ā 
    1. The authors make the point that levels are only proxies for mathematical competence – could we test in a different way to get more meaningful data.
    2. Should we do more teacher assessment in later keystones?
    3. Have you had experience of using a comparative judgement methodology when marking tests?

I really hope you can join us tomorrow – I’m looking forward to a good discussion.


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