Further Maths Specification Mapping

Yesterday Luciano (@DrTrapezio) tweeted asking if anyone had a document comparing the A-Level content across different exam boards. I’m convinced that I have seen exactly this in the past but I can’t find it now. Sue de Pomerai (@SuedePom) mentioned that she had a copy of one for further maths and emailed it to Luciano, who has asked […]

No Plan Starters

Short post tonight…. Next year I will be moving about classrooms a fair bit, not least because I will be frequently moving between main school and sixth form. As we don’t have movement time, on those occasions I will sometimes want to have a starter that I can get the students working on quickly whilst […]


Yeaterday I picked up my free copy of The Times with my My Waitrose Card and on page 3 it had this puzzle:   The rules are deceptively simple You must place the numbers 1-9 in the 9 squares, using each number only once.  The number in each circle should be equal to the sum of […]

Mathematician’s Quote Posters

Inspired by Kim’s (@kimThomasLee) post about maths quotes and needing to fill a bit of space on a display board I thought I would see if I could quickly produce some posters of quotes using the Retype app for iOS. Here are the results: You can download the full resolution images from the links below. Paul Halmos G. […]