Further Maths Specification Mapping

Yesterday Luciano (@DrTrapezio)¬†tweeted¬†asking if anyone had a document comparing the A-Level¬†content across different exam boards. I’m convinced that I have seen exactly this in the past but I can’t find it now. Sue de Pomerai (@SuedePom) mentioned that she had a copy of one for further maths and emailed it to Luciano, who has asked me to put it up and share with people. So this was a nice easy #summerblogchallenge¬†¬†post today.

This file is now available on my web site here and looks a bit like thisScreenshot 2015-09-04 22.12.03

The file is ordered around the MEI further mathematics modules and then the location of each topic in the specification of the other boards is given. It is pretty much complete, but I think there are a few AQA topics missing (for example Vi√®te’s formulae) and don’t we cover simultaneous equations with matrices in Edexcel FP1 and FP2.

I think this document is very interesting and I wish more boards did some of the topics that MEI do, for example the Cayley-Hamilton theorem and Lagrange interpolating polynomials.

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