No Plan Starters

Short post tonight….

Next year I will be moving about classrooms a fair bit, not least because I will be frequently moving between main school and sixth form. As we don’t have movement time, on those occasions I will sometimes want to have a starter that I can get the students working on quickly whilst I wait for the ‘computer to log on etc.

Because of this I have produced the sheet below with a few options to go on the back cover of the exercise books, with the intention that after a while i will be able to just say, for example,  “Task 7 and write a few numbers on the board. 

 There is nothing new or revolutionary here, but I thought I would share it in case it is useful for anyone. A pdf is available here.

You may notice that i have also put a RAG123 key at the bottom. After being inspired by many people on Twitter, I’m excited to be trying this properly for the first time this year.

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