The day before yesterday I wrote a post entitled “FP1 Multiple Choice Revision Quizzes” where I shared some multiple choice quizzes that I used last year with my FP1 class and marked using the QuickKey app for iOS. At first I was quite sceptical about how good this scanning app would be when used with actual student responses, […]

Prompted Reflection

Yesterday morning I woke up fairly early with baby Jessica (there was quite a pretty sunrise however) and I read “Modelling in Maths“, a great blog post by Bruno Reddy (@MrReddyMaths). In this post he discusses what he tries to do “consistently with modelling” in his classroom. This is a pretty short post but it […]

FP1 Multiple Choice Revision Quizzes

Last year I experimented with multiple choice revision quizzes for my Year 12 further mathematics class in the half term before Easter. I’m not teaching FP1 this year so thought I would make them available for anyone to use. The students seemed surprised at how long it took them to figure out some of the […]

A “halfway-ish” Post

I’m a little over halfway with the @staffrm #29daysofwriting challenge Yesterday I was puzzled to see lots of “Halfway” posts as to me a half of 29 is 14.5 and so surely if we only allow full days halfway would round to day 15… Anyway I liked the idea of answering some of the same […]

Happy Valentines

Only a very short post today as it is Valentines day and I want to devote my time to my family. I have put up on my website a Geogebra file that allows you to view 2 heart-shaped parametric curves. Which do you prefer? The original Geogebra file is also available for download here. Desmos have also produced some […]

An Experimental Lesson

Since visiting The De Ferrers Academy a few years ago I have thought about trying to create a video using ExplainEverything. This half term was my school’s “Take a Risk” observation window. We have one of these every year and I think it’s quite a good idea as the outcome of the observation doesn’t count formally […]

Another IMA Session – Richard Lissaman

In December last year I had a review of the MEI/Sigma Network’s game published in the IMA magazine Mathematics Today. I later published an expanded review on my blog in December. Check it out if you haven’t already.  Richard started  by talking about himself and saying that his first experience with computers was when he […]

The Fifth #mathsjournalclub Article

Some people on staffrm may not know that I host the #mathsjournalclub discussions on Twitter. In these some of us discuss a research paper (normally chosen by an open public poll) on a mathematics education topic. The summaries of the discussions of three recent discussions are available here (I still have one to put online!): […]

Some Pancake Sorting

As it is Shrove Tuesday I thought I would briefly introduce the computer science problem of pancake sorting, which incidentally is the subject of Microsoft’s Bill Gates’ only (I believe this to be true anyway) academic paper. If you are interested, this paper is available online and is relatively accessible for an academic paper. I first came […]

A Normal Distribution Card Sort

Today I delivered my session on Core Maths which was part of my gap task for the NCETM Level 3 PD Lead course that I am doing. As part of the session we were looking at the normal distribution and the style of exam questions about this topic on the AQA Level 3 Mathematical Studies […]