The day before yesterday I wrote a post entitled “FP1 Multiple Choice Revision¬†Quizzes” where I shared some multiple choice quizzes that I used last year with my FP1 class and marked using the¬†QuickKey¬†app for iOS.

At first I was quite sceptical about how good this scanning app would be when used with actual student responses, but after a few teething problems I have become very impressed with it.

To use QuickKey you need to register for an account and then use one of their answer sheets for students to record their answers to multiple choice questions on. They look like this: Screenshot 2016-02-18 14.08.23

As you can see each question has 5 possible solutions (so bear this in mind when writing your quiz – there is no point in having 6 well thought through possibilities!). Each student fills in their student ID (4 numbers) and shades in the correct ovals – this enables the QuickKey app to work out who’s solutions it is scanning.

QuickKey have produced a useful infographic as a guide to scanning the quizzes which I have pasted below and is available here.Screenshot 2016-02-18 14.18.28

This covers almost all of the issues I had when I first started using the app. Overhead lighting seems especially problematic and scanning definitely works best in natural light. I would personally avoid using pencils and emphasise to your students that they should carefully shade in ALL of the oval corresponding to what they thought was the correct answer – this will eliminate many issues and mean that you don’t spend time manually inputting results.

The app syncs nicely with the online QuickKey account, from where you can download spreadsheets and analyse class performance.

In July 2015 William Emeny (@Maths_Master) posted about a diagnostic test he had performed on his Year 7 cohort which took advantage of QuickKey to quickly obtain responses to 90 questions for all of the cohort. This is a fantastic use of the power of QuickKey and we did this with some of the classes last year. I am hoping to do the same test again this year with our current Year 7s.

I’d encourage everyone to give QuickKey a go if they are ever using multiple choice tests.

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