Women in Maths Videos

I studied for my PhD at the University of Nottingham in the School of Mathematical Sciences and there was lots of discussion about women in mathematics whilst I was there.

As a department they are very supportive of female mathematicians and assisting them in building careers in mathematics. They have a bi-weekly meeting for all female members of staff and postgraduates.

Recently they have produced a series of 13 videos – Women in Maths – that feature some of my friends / ex-colleagues as well as people who have started in the department since I left. I think some of these videos have some very inspirational messages about mathematics and the enjoyment of mathematics. They would make great short videos to show to all sixth form mathematicians (not just the female ones!)

I have embedded a few of them below:

I particularly like the following quote from Susanne Pumpluen

“It’s as creative as if you would do arts or music and people don’t see it because it’s often, unless you have a very good math teacher at secondary school, it’s very hidden that it can be so creative and fulfilling”

You can watch the whole playlist of 13 videos here.

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