2 thoughts on “A-Level Revision Clock 1

  1. I love the variety of topics covered and the format
    The Newton Raphson question, f(x) is not define for x=0, would the interval (0.1,0.5) work better?
    The integral at the top, would find be better than evaluate?
    Is the Trig proof a further maths question?

    1. Thanks for your comments. Good point about the the Newton-Raphson question, it doesn’t matter for the application of the NR method but I guess it does for showing that there is. sign change. The integral one, I guess find would be better – I originally had a definite integral there, but then changed it as I like that integral. The trigonometry proof is an odd one, I’ve taught those identities in normal maths as they can be derived from the sin(A+B) with a bit of work… Remove it if you wish 🙂

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